Food Philosophy

From a region not only beautiful and colourful, the Isle of Wight also provides a rich and fertile agriculture.  Chef Robert Thompson and his team respect the unique, innovative, inspiring and Island vibrancy, by ensuring seasonal menus from farm to plate reflecting the Island’s finest flavours.  Just a stone’s throw from Thompson’s are some of the amazing producers who form the backbone of the menus which Robert and his team devise – from The Garlic Farm, Isle of Wight Cheese, The Tomato Stall and Will and Aimee Steward’s Living Larder to name but a few. Here is where natural, fresh, simple authentic ingredients are combined with award winning culinary skills to produce dishes with a big identity.  Chef Robert Thompson says, “It’s vital to me that guests can identify with the food they are eating – where it’s from, how it was farmed, grown or caught and the ethos behind its presentation”.