Chef Robert Thompson

“As a chef who just loves to cook and be creative it has always been my dream to have my own place and now its here and happening. I am absolutely buzzing! I love the Island and can’t wait to be back in the kitchen.”

The UK has seen the rise of culinary experts over the last 10 years, spawning dozens of Michelin Guide chefs and television talent, all as innovative but realistic as some of the best business entrepreneurs. Since 2002, when Robert Thompson retained a second Michelin Star under Germain and Annie Schwab at Winteringham Fields, he opened the doors of this chic, new world of the culinary art and it was clear that he was typical of this new wave of chefs when he became the country’s youngest Michelin starred chef in 2006 rating 2 Michelin stars.

In 2007, the Good Food Guide named Winteringham Fields the fourth best restaurant in the country, ahead of legendary establishments like Michel Roux’s Le Gavroche and Gordon Ramsay’s Pétrus.

Robert Thompson has worked diligently since then, taking leading roles at Cliveden and on the Isle of Wight where he was awarded a coveted Michelin Star within the first year at The Hambrough in 2009 and named 26th best restaurant in Britain in the Good Food Guide. During this period he took on the role of Food Ambassador for the Isle of Wight.

“Thompson soars, sending out extraordinary dishes that are deeply complex.” Good Food Guide 2007

To date, his distinctive and committed approach has been in the employment of others, including the recent stint at Yarmouth’s The George.

Now, at the age of 32, he has decided to go solo. Robert Thompson’s style has always been a congenial one: his menus have remained brief and to the point, his style of cooking respectful of the old classics, yet mindful of a modern dining trend that values, above all, lightness and freshness.

He rarely serves anything that’s too tricky or trendy, only serving dishes that you can imagine he would enjoy eating himself. And for once, here’s a modern chef who hasn’t hopped on the Provençal-French bandwagon simply for the sake of trendiness – he is his own man. For instance, he always looks no further than the producers outside his front door and will continue to be an ambassador for Island food.

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